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Hi all! New mods and we're working on getting things up and going!

Welcome to Supernatural UK. This is a community for UK fans of Supernatural to post discussion topics and articles regarding Supernatural in the UK.

There will be no spoilers for future episodes. Something is considered a spoiler for the week following the airing of an episode. There will be a weekly episode discussion post once season two starts back up on the 4th February on ITV2. During the episode there will also be a live chat, information regarding that can be found here.

If you're posting something large [i.e. a picture over 500 pixels] please place it behind a cut. <*lj-cut text="Whatever you want your cut line to say">The TEXT/PICTURE <*/lj-cut>. Just remove the '*'

Weekly Episode Discussion post
Every week there will be one 'official' community discussion/squee post for the current week's episode. You're welcome to make your own posts about each episode [don't forget to cut it for spoilers] but on the day the new episode airs please stick to the discussion/squee post so we can avoid excited, spoiler-filled, non-cut posts upsetting anyone. [Idea taken from spn_downunder]

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